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Columbia High School
Class of 1955

Information source: The Columbian yearbook
Thanks! Geneva Meyers for your help in obtaining this information.
Errors/typos and omissions can occur in any source, so Please let me know of any needed corrections!

Delmer Adams
Richard Baker
Donna Bebbington
Peggy Berry
Ann Blevins
Wilma Blevins
Nadine Brown
Louise Collins
Mondillia Cox
Barbara Doran
Ivan Driver
Bob Estey
Dan Estey
Mary Lou Estey
Charles Gurnsey
Steve Hanna
Lois Hawes
Paul Hollaman
David Kapp
Don Larsen
Gail Larsen
Carol Meadows
Elva Lee Miller
Iva Nave
Douglas Noakes
Darlene Ohnemus
Joyce Pierson
Joan Plank
Ruth Popchoke
June Rantala
Marjorie Reed
Calvin Slocum
Dean Walker
Bob Warneke
Deanna Willey
Clark Ziegler

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