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These boards allow researchers to add searchable record extracts directly to the Wilbanks Web site. Please observe the following rules:

1. Post to the appropriate board only. Contact me at if you do not see a board suitable for your material. Your contribution can be manually added elsewhere.

2. Include as much detail as possible on the data source to help others establish the validity of your posting in relationship to other information they may already have. If you have a copy of the original document in your collection (rather than an extract or third party data), let us know if you are willing to share copies. Better yet, scan the document and submit it for the Wilbanks Web record extracts pages. Scanned documents or photographs should be sent to Barbara Caramba-Coker in a .gif or .jpg format. There is a goal to establish a an online library of Wilbanks-related public records.

3. For obits, please include the subject name, publication name, and publication date in the SUBJECT line.

4. Do not try to format data into columns or tables. HTML ignores formatting unless it is specially coded. Tab and multiple spaces will be lost in the final document. Hard returns with a blank line will be retained to break paragraphs.

5. Use "Search/Personalize Your Display" from the menu at the top of each board to target and limit the data returned.

6. For variations on the Wilbanks surname such as WILLBANKS or WOOLBANKS, include the more common WILBANKS spelling in the surname list (as well as the variation). This will ensure its appearance on all WILBANKS searches.

7. There are several methods for searching the entries.

  • "Search/Personalize Your Display" searches that specific forum only. It searches all text, not just the "surnames" field

  • "Global Search" (or the GenConnect logo at the top of the forum page) searches all entries in the GenConnect System. It searches based on the "surname" field only.

  • Searching via Surname Helper searches all GenConnect entries and many other sources formatted for its engine. It searches its database on the "surname" field only. Its database is updated from the web just once a week so results may be incomplete.

8. If you notice a mistake after posting, let me know via email. I can edit (or delete) any posting.

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