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There are not many Wilbanks-focused books. Those that do exist were created primarily for small groups of family members, not professionally published. Most are just photocopied and simply bound. If you know of any other Wilbanks books, please submit details to me at

Wilbanks - Willbanks In America
by Mrs. Eileen Sheffield
published 1968
102 pages, organized by state
- consists of miscellaneous extracts with a few descendant charts
- copies available thru Robert M. Wilbanks IV

Wilbanks Family History 1767-1993
by Mary Grace Norris Grimes & Teresa Wilbanks Otto
published 1993 (apparently for a family reunion)
113 pages, spiral bound
- focused on the descendants of Daniel Gideon Wilbanks, b.1837 GA
- nicely done with copies of source documents and lots of family photos
- available from Mary Grimes

Seven Trails Into The Past
by William E. Hooper, PhD
published 1980
available on LDS film #1033836
- includes a Wilbanks chapter (approx 30 pages)
- surnames included: Hooper, Poarch, Wilbanks, Spence, Clardy, LaFoy, Watkins, and Lumpkin

Ross and Kin
by Granville James Ross
published 1980
397 pages, indexed
- surnames included: Adams, Anderson, Baker, Bales, Bowman, Brown, Carpenter, Cavin, Clayton, Cole, Davis, Dean, Dunlap, Fields, Flood, Freeman, Galentine, Gibson, Greenhaw, Gregory, Gunter, Harris, Harmon, Hendrix, Hicks, Howard, Hull, Jacobs, Johnson, Jones, Page, Parks, Patten, Phillips, Pitts, Pounds, Ross, Sanders, Shelton, Shook, Smith, Standridge, Sumners, Taylor, Terry, Tilley, Treat, Tumbleston, Wheeler, Wilbanks, Wood, Yates families and many more
- available at Sutro Library (a branch of the California State Library system)
San Francisco CA

Wilbanks Book Electronic Genealogy
by L. D. Pierce
available online at

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