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USGS GNIS Query Results for Wil(l)banks

Geographic Names Information System Query Results

The USGS Geographic Names Information system found the following place names containing
the name "Wilbanks" or "Willbanks"

Feature Name St County Name Type Latitude Longitude USGS 7.5' Map
Wilbanks Cabin AZ Yuma locale 332023N 1135913W Kofa Butte
Wilbanks Well AZ Yuma well 332022N 1135917W Kofa Butte
Wilbanks Mesa CO Delta summit 385755N 1075200W Dry Creek
Wilbanks Circle GA Paulding pop place 335459N 0844700W Dallas
Wilbanks Corner GA Habersham pop place 342937N 0833400W Baldwin
Wilbanks Lookout Tower GA Gwinnett tower 340641N 0840205W Suwanee
Wilbanks Pond GA Banks reservoir 342432N 0832636W Lake Russell
Willbanks Branch GA Murray stream 343657N 0844210W Oakman
Wilbanks Cemetery IL Jefferson cemetery 380924N 0884459W Dahlgren
Wilbanks Cemetery LA La Salle cemetery 314631N 0920607W Nickel
Wilbanks Lake Dam MS Alcorn dam 345130N 0882924W Glens
Wilbanks NC Wilson pop place 354452N 0774618W Saratoga
Wilbanks Airport SC Greenville airport 350045N 0821710W Tigerville
Willbanks Cemetery TN Benton cemetery 355258N 0875940W Hustburg
Willbanks Hollow TN Benton valley 355256N 0875930W Hustburg

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