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The WILBANKS-L mailing list came into existance on 25 December 1997. By March it was apparent that a web site was needed to store data so that all Wilbanks reseachers could benefit from previously researched information. The intent was to create and maintain a comprehensive site where all Wilbanks (and Willbanks) information and family records could be stored for reference by others. It is a compilation of records from many different sources, relying on the contributions and participation of Wilbanks researchers across the country.

As the site has grown, formats have changed to simplify data maintenance and retreival. Pages are constantly updated. If you are interested in Wilbanks family history, check back often!

Want to participate?

Researchers can directly enter Biographies, Obituaries, Wills & Probates, Military & Pension records and Deeds & Land records to the site. Go to the WILBANKS RECORD EXTRACTS page to access these boards and post your contributions. They will be immediately viewable and accessable by others.

You can also volunteer to research or transcribe census data or other records. Any transcribed records, extracts, or scanned images will be accepted and manually posted as time permits. If you have something requiring special treatment, please contact me. An appropriate page or link can be created.

Submitting a researcher registry profile can help others find you. You could be surprised by a cousin researching the same lineage from a different point of view. See the WILBANKS RESEARCHER PROFILES page for these records.

Suggestions are always welcome! Pass along any ideas for improving the site, expanding its scope or enhancing records accessability.

25 Dec mailing list started
27 Dec 1997First subscriber posting by F. Crowe (
31 Dec 19971997 Statistics:
Subscribers to WILBANKS-L = 6
Subscribers to WILBANKS-D = 3
1997 WILBANKS-L postings = 7
15 Mar 1998WILBANKS WEB created and released
15 Nov 1998First Wilbanks interactive chat session on Delphi
05 Dec 1998GenConnect boards created for automatic posting of queries, and extracted biographies, obituaries, wills, pensions, and deeds
31 Dec 1998 1998 Statistics:
Subscribers to WILBANKS-L = 51
Subscribers to WILBANKS-D = 18
1998 WILBANKS-L postings = 971
Researcher Profiles = 10
Biographies Board postings = 17
Obituaries Board postings = 55
Wills & Probates Board postings = 3
Military & Pensions Board postings = 4
Deeds & Land Records Board postings = 5
Vital Records - Wilbanks Marriages = 19 grooms and 40 brides
Census Transcriptions:
1790 = 0 = Completed!
1800 = 0 = Completed!
1810 = 0 = Completed!
1820 = 4 states to research or transcribe
1830 = 20 states to research or transcribe
1840 = 23 states to research or transcribe
1850 = 24 states to research or transcribe
1860 = 33 states to research or transcribe
1870 = 40 states to research or transcribe
1880 = 46 states to research or transcribe
1900 = 48 states to research or transcribe
1910 = 49 states to research or transcribe
1920 = 46 states to research or transcribe
01 Jan 1999The best is yet to come!

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