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James & Jane (Bluford) Spence of Augusta County VA

James Spence spent the winter of 1778 at Valley Forge, so his descendants are eligible for membership in the society of Valley Forge Patriots.

James was born about 1748 and died after 1793. He married Jane Bluford, who was born about 1751 and died ca. 1795. James and Jane had 3 known children, William, Bluford Thorpe, and James Spence. There were probably other children possibly Moses Spence and Issac Spence of Georgia..

Known children of James & Jane Spence:

1. William Spence ca. 1772-1825 married Mary "Polly" Anderson 5-26-1792 at Old Stone Church in Augusta Co. VA. ( near present day Buffalo Gap, VA) . They were the parents of 5 known children: Jane (1793), William (1796) James (1797) Margaret (1801) and Mary (1803). These 5 children lived in Tazewell County VA in 1850.

2. Bluford Thorpe Spence ca. 1774-1808 married Charity Smith and moved to the state of Georgia. They were the parents of 6 sons: Joseph (?), Bluford Thorpe (1801), Green (?), Littleton (1800), Leaston (1802), and James M. (1806).

3. James Spence ca. 1776 married Jane Palmer in Augusta Co. VA. He was named in the Last Will & Testament of William Palmer, which was proved in 1797 in Augusta County VA. We presently have no farther information on James Spence, as it appears his wife Jane Palmer died young. He may have left the Augusta area.( New evidence is emerging that suggests James Jr. removed to Tennessee and resided in Blount or Rhea county.)

Moses and Isaac Spence of Georgia:

Moses and Isaac Spence are also possible sons ( or relatives) of James & Jane Bluford Spence. The name similarities passed down through the generations is too strong not to be considered. Not only was the name BLUFORD handed down for several generations, the name GREEN ( who was Mary Green, wife of Thomas Spence) was also passed down several generations.

Bluford Thorpe Spence and his wife Charity Smith Spence are said to have had 6 sons, and they lived in Burke County, Georgia, which is where Isaac Spence resided also for a time. Due to the conflicting evidence for date of birth for Isaac, we are unsure of his exact birth.

Moses Spence, according to DAR files was born in Virginia in 1764 and resided in Georgia, where he has many living descendants.

Following is the narrative written by James F. Carver, concerning the
 Revolutionary War activity of James Spence ( 1748-1793), husband of 
Jane Bluford Spence.

    James Spence, at the age of 29, was drafted into the military 
 during the Revolutionary War from Augusta County Virginia.  James
 entered the Infantry on 28 Aug 1777, as a Private, for a term of 
three years or for the duration of the War. James was assigned to the
 15th Virginia Regiment then under the command of Lt. Col. James 
Innes in the Company of Captain Edwin Hull.  ( James was promised 
$ 6 2/3 pounds per month as payment for his services.)  Lt. Col.
Innes commanded James' unit only between Aug-Dec of 1777, then the
 command fell onto Maj. Gustavus B. Wallace.    James' military unit 
would march from Virginia to Pennsylvania arriving at General George 
Washington's Winter Encampment at Valley Forge, PA by Feb.1778.  Pvt.
 James Spence would stand guard duty during the harsh winter weather 
months of Feb-Mar 1778.  By April of 1778 while the winter weather 
was slowly changing, the harsh conditions had already taken it's toll
 on James.James was sick during the entire month of April.  James 
would slightly recover during May when he returned to duty, but by 
June of 1778 James' illness got the best of him.   In June of 1778 
James' unit fell under the command of Lt. Col. John Cropper and his 
company was still under the command of Maj. Gustavus Wallace. The 
military unit was then known as the 11th and 15th Virginia Regiment. 
Higher command fell under Gen. Woodford's Brigade of the 2nd Battalion.)
There in June 1778 with good weather upon them, James' unit would 
march out of Valley Forge, PA northward towards New York, but left
 Pvt. James Spence behind.  James was admitted into a hospital at
 Yellow Springs, PA, locatedj ust a short distance northwest of 
Valley Forge. (It was late May of 1778 when the 11th Regiment 
(1776-1778) and the 15th Regiment of Virginia were incorporated and 
designated (known as) the 11th and 15th Virginia Regiment until Sept. 
of 1778.) In July of 1778 the 11th and 15th Virginia Regiment arrived 
at Whites Plain, New York.  James was still sick but recovering 
at the Yellow Springs, PA,  hospital.  James would finally rejoin his
 unit there at Whites Plain, NY,in August of 1778 where his company, 
commanded by Maj. Wallace fell under the command of Col. Morgan.  
James briefly joined the Artillery unit while there at Whites Plain 
NY. ( Probably so James could rest up more. )
     Capt. Samuel Booker took command of James' company in Sept. 1778 
when the 11th and 15th marched to battle in Newark, New Jersey. 
 James was back in the Infantry again at this time.  The results of 
this NJ battle were many dead and again sickness spread throughout 
the military unit.  James' unit would march back into New York where
 James laid over at Fishkill, NY, once again seriously ill.  The 
entire unit of the 11th and 15th VA Regiment now under the higher 
command of Col. Abraham Buford laid at rest at Pompton (?), NY.  The 
entire unit was listed as being " on fatigue". (Meaning the unit was 
too tired and too sick to engage in war activity. )
     James, while under the high command of Col. Abraham Buford, 
would be given a leave of absence (furlough) at Camp Middlebrook 
( NY location ? ) to return to Virginia.  This furlough would be 
between Dec. 1778 and March 1779. James would faithfully return to 
duty at Camp Middlebrook in April of 1779 and fell ill once again.
(It would be romantic to say that James was granted his absence to 
return home to see and care for his loved ones, but I suspect that 
James was simply too ill to fight and hindered the unit's operations.
  This is obvious when he returned to duty still suffering from 
     Now under the high command of Major Webb, Capt. Samuel Booker's 
Company,James included, would be stationed at Camp Smiths Clove there
 in New York. Between May-June 1779 ( James sick entire month of May)
 Col. William Russell would replace Maj. Webb and in July of 1779 the
 11th and 15th VA. Regiment moved around southeast NY and ended up in
 Haverstraw, NY in Oct. 1779.  During the period Pvt. James Spence 
was in New York, it was viewed as the "seige of New York" when 
American soldiers were seriously attacking the British strongholds.
     The 11th and 15th VA. Regiment would more or less stand down 
between Nov- Dec 1779 near Camp Middletown, NY, probably due to 
winter weather.  While no discharge papers were issued nor any 
records located so far, it appears that Pvt. James Spence was 
released/discharged at Camp Middletown, NY.  James would return to 
Augusta County, VA.
     While it would be nice to report that Pvt. James Spence was a 
hero of the Revolutionary War little is known about his actual 
combat experiences.  James spent a total of 2 years and 4 months of 
military service time.  During his tour of duty James spent 7 months 
of it off duty due to illness and 4 months off duty on personal leave.
     James Spence returned home to Augusta County, Virginia, to his
 family at the age of 31.  Fourteen years later at the age of 45, 
 James Spence would pass away.  I have little doubt that the illness 
James suffered during the Revolutionary War played a serious role 
in his early death.
     Descendants from James Spence and his wife Jane Bluford can be 
traced throughout SW Virginia and even into Georgia.END NARRATIVE
   The above narrative was written Nov. 1998 by:
James F. Carver
610 Gay St. box 214
Portsmouth, OH 45662-0214 e-mail:
   James encourages questions and comments .  Please contact Jim if 
you have or need additional information.

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