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The Original Canastagione Deed
March 4, 1681/82

One of the strong pieces of circumstantial evidence that Jan Mangels married the daughter the Mohawk Sachem Caniachkoo is this transfer of many hundreds of acres of land.

Below is a portion of the original Canastagione deed, written in Dutch, in which a large tract of land is transferred by the Mohawk Indians to Jan Mangels.

This scanned image was made by Hansel L. Haycox in 1998.
It is from 1984 edition of The New Jersey Rolls by Martha Roll and Thelma Lynn Roll Kennedy.

The image has been manipulated to fit your screen by
William Henry Roll.

Reproduced with permission.

Deed of the Mohawk Valley Property
translation by Arnet Cornelise Viele

On this 4th day of March 1681/2 appeared before the Honorable Court of Albany the following Maquase; that is to say Rhode Sahamaker from the first Castle and Saggaddioch-quisax of the second Castle and Todarasee who insead of Caniachkoo deceased of whom he is the Grandfather in conformity of the declaration of the Maquase Sakamaker in his proposition on the second instant did deliver goodwill and affection to bequeath and made over to Jan Mangelese a certain peice of woodland on which someone planted situated on Canistigione on the opposite side of the river going up the river, beginning at the upper end of Ryk Claes land at a place where the tree is marked with a mark of Harm Vedder and Barent Ryndertse and abutting along the river passing over a certain hill called by them Otokokdarooga which they also with the water course do make over unto him and that further it will extend as far as a certain large Black Oak Tree, where the said donors have made their mark, also the mark or name of Jan Manglese is placed or mentioned, the said stretching forward to Boss Waist Inn.

That the said Jan Manglese or his heirs shall make use of the said either for tillage grounds or pasture as they shall or may think most suitable and to enjoy the aforesaid free and unincumbered just as the Donors have enjoyed, whilst the possessores thereof.

Futher included all the appurtances and appendix of said premises. Granting unto him with these presents full power to do and act with the aforesaid land and water passage and to dispose thereof as he might or should as were it his own patrimonial effects and property.

Renouncing thenceforth and forever any further claim of said land and make the same entirely over to the said Jan Manglese, his inheritors or offspring or those which might hereafter become claimers of his rights and privileges.

Promising never to have recourse to the laws or any other ways to claim or to have altered anything as is here before disposed of.

Thus done and confirmed with our signatures,-- dated at Supra [ut supra -ed.] at Albany.

“Rhode”, his mark written with his hand.

The Mark of “Saddiaquisak” written with his own hand.

The mark of “Todarasse” written with his own hand.

In the presence of Jan Provost, Cornelius Van Dyrk, Dyrk Wessels, Jan Pleeker,--- Robert Livingston, Secy.

I hereby certify the foregoing to be a copy of the original remaining of record in the Clerks Office of the City and County of Albany in the book-Book C of Deeds, Page 140. Jul 16th, 1800 Richard Lusk, Clerk.

Note: The Indians Marks are not clear on this translation. The marks used on this copy are from the longhand copy made by Guy Manning, 28 Aug. 1889.

This copy made by W. C. Roll, Jr., 14 Aug. 1947.

The New Jersey Rolls,
by Martha Roll and Thelma Roll Kennedy,

Digital format by Hansel L Haycox,

Reproduced with permission.