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Citations – Massachusetts [see also "Citations – New England"]


Andrews, Hon. H.F., List of Freemen, Massachusetts Bay Colony, from 1630 to 1691; Exira Printing Co., Exira, Iowa; 1906. ACPL # Gc 974.4 An15l

Freemen of Massachusetts Bay

A Freeman of this colony was a member of the body politic and as such entitled to exercise the right of suffrage and to hold office. As early as 1631, in order to become a freeman, it was required that the applicant produce evidence that he was a member of the Congregational church. But this regulation was modified in 1664. Freemen were admitted by the General Court of the colony. "

At the General Court held at Boston, May 14, 1634: It was agreed and ordered, that the former oath of freemen shall be revoked, so far as it is dissonant from the oath of freemen hereunder written; and that those that received the former oath shall stand bound no further thereby, to any intent or purpose, than this new oath ties those that now take the same.

Freeman’s New Oath

I (A.B.) being by God’s providence, an Inhabitant, and Freeman, within the Jurisdiction of this Commonwealth; do freely acknowledge my self to be subject to the Government thereof: And do therefore do here swear by the great and dreadful Name of the Ever-living God, that I will be true and faithfull to the same, and will accordingly yield assistance & support thereunto, with my person and estate, as in equity I am bound; and will also truly endeavor to maintain and preserve all the liberties and priveliges thereof, submitting my self to the wholesome Lawes and Orders made and established by the same. And further, that I will not plot or practice any evill against it, or consent to any that shall so do; but will timely discover and reveal the same to lawful Authority now here established, for the speedy prevention thereof.

Moreover, I doe solemnly bind my self in the sight of God, that when I shall be called to give my voyce touching any such matter to this State, in which Freemen are to deal, I will give my vote and suffrage as I shall judge in mine own conscience may best conduce and tend to the public weal of the body, So help me God in the Lord Jesus Christ.

This oath was printed at Cambridge by Stephen Daye, in 1639. It is said to have been the first paper printed in New England. The names of freemen given in the following list are spelled as found in the Colonial records, so far as they can be deciphered and transcribed. They are not the autographs of the persons who bore these names, but are as written in the record by the secretary, who probably spelled them as pronounced to him and evidently made some errors. People did not spell so accurately then as now. We know that the persons named, in many instances, spelled their names differently from the forms given in the records.

These records are important to those engaged in historical and genealogical pursuits. A large per cent of the native population of New England as well as their descendants elsewhere descend from the persons named in this list.

Wody Richrd May 18 1642

Woode Edward May 13 1640
John May 10 1643
Nicho. June 02 1641

Wooddey Hen. May 14 1656

Wooddy Richrd May 29 1644


Shurtleff, Nathaniel B. M.D. (editor), Records of The Governor and Company of the Massachusetts Bay in New England; William White’s Press, Printer to the Commonwealth, Boston, MA; 1853; 974.4 M37r

Ed.’s Note: the material below was excerpted from the above referenced work, in 5 volumes: Vol. 1 (1630-1642); Vol. 2 (1642-1649); Vol. 3 (1644-1657); Vol. 4, Pt. 1 (1650-1660); Vol. 4, Pt. 2 (1661-1674); and Vol. 5 (1674-1686). These designations appear to match the Volume designations of the original records. For each entry below, the first volume and page reference is to the original records; the second (italicized) volume and page reference is to the reprinted copy (referenced above). There is some apparent duplication of material between volumes.


Massachusetts Records: Miscellaneous Entries Contained in the Second Volume of Records
Freemen of the Colony of the Massachusetts Bay in New England, 1642-1649

18 May 1642 [Volume 2, page 18] Volume 2: 1642-1649; page 291
"Made free the 18: 3 Mo, 1642. ... Richrd Wody ..."

29 May 1644 [Volume 2, page 53] Volume 2: 1642-1649; page 293
"Made free the 29th 3th mo, 1644. ... Richrd Wooddy ..."


14 May 1645 [Volume 2, page 77] – Volume 2: 1642-1649; page 98

"Richrd Woody, Senior, is granted to drawe wine in Roxberry, provided hee take ye wine yt Capt Welds wife hath bought, & pay her for it so much as shee hath sould ye rest of it for to him, in such pay as was made for ye wine to ye merchant."


23 May 1650 [Volume 3, page 261] – Volume 3: 1644-1657; page 191

"In answer to the petition of Mary Woody, the wife of John Woody, of Roxbury, deceased, for to be impowred by this Court to act as an executrix, in regard of present nessessity requireinge the same, this Court thinkes meete to graunt her request, & doe hereby enable her with full power so to doe, wittnesses havinge deposed to the truth of the will, & Mr Coggan & William Parkes havinge vndertooke to produce a true inventory of his estate at the next County Court. p Curiam."


30 May 1650 [Volume 4, Part 1, page 8] – Volume 4, Part 1: 1650-1660; page 9

"In ansr to the petition of Mary Woody, of Roxbury, widdow, for power to act as an executrix to the last will of John Woodey, hir late husband, the Court graunts hir request."


14 October 1651 [Volume 3, page 325] – Volume 3: 1644-1657; page 255

"In answer to the petition of Dorothie Lamb, Elder Isaake Heath, & John Johnson, who haue sould a certayn parcell of land, contayning three quarters of an acor, part meddow, part vpland, vnto William Parkes, William Cheyney, Thomas Baker, & Mary Wooddy, this Court doth ratifie & confirme the said sale, according to theire desires exprest in their petition."


14 October 1651 [Volume 4, Part 1, page 64] – Volume 4, Part 1: 1650-1660; page 66

"In answer to the petitjon of Dorothy Lambe, of Roxbury, elder Isacke Heath, and John Johnson, craving the confirmatjon of the sale of a smalle parcell of vpland and meadow, contajning three quarters of an acre, more or lesse, sometjme belonging to Thomas Lambe, deceased, by whom made vnto Wm Parkes, Wm Cheny, Thomas Bakre, and Mary Woodey, wife of John Woodey, late deceased, the Courte graunts their request, & confirmes the sajd sale accordingly."


27 May 1652 [Volume 3, page 344] – Volume 3: 1644-1657; page 271

"Mary Woody, of Roxbury, profering a petition to this Court for the alteration of the last will & testament of her late husband, John Woody, that more of his estate might be conferd on her, receiued this answer : that the Court saw no reason to grant the petition, the petitionor hauing such a proportion of the estate of her husband, deceased, allowed to her, as the estate will beare & the law provides, & therefore would not alter the said will, but that there be an agreement of all partyes concerned therein, among themselues, to improue the estate for the benefitt of the widdow & child."


1 June 1652 [Volume 4, Part 1, page 93] – Volume 4, Part 1: 1650-1660; page 98

"In answer to the petition of Mary Wooddy, late wife to John Woody, of Roxbury, deceased, the Courte conceaues, for any thing yet appeares to them to the contrary, that the petitioner hath such a proportion out of the estate of her late husband as the estate will beare or the lawe provided; and that there should be no alteration of the will, as is desired in the petition, but that there be an agreemt amongst all parties concerned therein, to improve the estate for the benefitt of the wife & childe."


23 October 1652 [Volume 3, page 370] – Volume 3: 1644-1657; page 295

"Mary Woody, late the wife of John Woody, deceased, desireinge the helpe and advise of this Court in the ordringe & mannaginge of the estate of her said late husband, receiued this answer : that the petitioner should make vpp the acco, & produce the same wth the will & the inventory, to the next Quarter Court at Boston, who haue the power herein to determine the case."


26 October 1652 [Volume 4, Part 1, page 106] – Volume 4, Part 1: 1650-1660; page 112-3

"In ansr to the petition of Mary Woodey, widdow, craving hir accompt of hir late husbands estate maybe examined & taken, and a certajne distribution thereof made to hir & hir child, itt is ordered, that the petitioner make vp the accompt and produce the same, with the will and inventory, at the next Quarter Courte at Boston, who have power heerein to determine the case."


18 May 1653 [Volume 3, page 381] – Volume 3: 1644-1657; page 306
also [Volume 4, Part 1, page 122] –
(essentially the same text) Volume 4, Part 1: 1650-1660; page 133

"In answer to the request of Mr John Coggan & William Parkes, ouerseeres of the will of John Woodey, the Court doth graunt liberty to Mr John Coggan, William Parkes, & Richard Woody, Senior, or any two of them, to make sale of all the whole estate, vizt, of howsinge & part of the mill, together with all goodes belonginge to the estate of John Woody, or any debts belonginge to the estate, for the benefitt of the mother & child, provided that securitie be giuen by Mr Coggan, or any other that will take the estate for the childes proportion at twenty fower yeares of age, & that due education & mayntenance be giuen out of the proceede of the estate so sould from time to time, till he come to age as afforesaid, & that the securitie be giuen in at the next County Court, & then ratified to the party that receiues the childes portion."


6 May 1657 [Volume 3, page 203] – Volume 3: 1644-1657; page 433

"This Court being informed that there is about 17 witholden by Richard Woodey from this jurisdiction, by occasion of some transactions about the Indians, concerning which there hath passed some accounts wth the comissiors of the colonyes, for the recouery whereof this Court hath empowred Mr Edward Rawson, sec, to be auturney, in the behalfe of this jurisdiction, & to prosecut the suit to effect."


23 October 1657 [Volume 4, Part 1, page 263] – Volume 4, Part 1: 1650-1660; page 313

"In the case of Edward Rawson, attourney for the Massachusetts jurisdiction, plaintiffe, against Richard Woodde, defendant, the Court, on hearing of all evidences in ye case yt was produced by both partjes at the County Court and Courte of Asistants, doe finde for the plaintiffe seventeene pounds nine shillings & six pence, & thirty shillings costs, & ordered the sajd seventeen pounds to be paid in peage, at 6 a penny, as he receaved it."


23 October 1657 [Volume 4, Part 1, page 268] – Volume 4, Part 1: 1650-1660; page 318

"In answer to the petitions of Mr John Coggan and Richard Wooddey, referring to the seventy pounds as the estate of John Wooddey, child of Jno Woodey deceased, after a full hearing of what both partjes could say, the whole Court mett together voted, that the seventy pounds belong to Mary, the mother."


28 May 1659 [Volume 4, Part 1, page 310] – Volume 4, Part 1: 1650-1660; page 378

"In ansr to the petition of Mrs Martha Coggan, humbly craving the establishment of the agreement in all respects betweene hir late husband, Mr John Coggan, & hirself before hir intermarriage wth him, as it is signed by Mr Nowell, Mr Hibbins, & Mr Ting, as it is to the petition annexed, and that shee might be impowred, as execcutrixe only to ye last will of hir late husband, Coggan, out of the remainder of his estate to sell some housing for payment of his just debts, and for the estate yt remajnes, it may, by order of this Court, be setled as neere as may be according to his will, the Court, on pervsall of the committees retourne, that gaue opertunity to such as were concerned to appeare & make there due objections, judge meete to graunt hir requests in the sajd petition in the seuerall parts thereof, provided that the house wch Richard Wooddey alleadgeth is mortgaged be not sold before cleared, if it be not already donne, but other houses or lands that is convenient to be sould may be sold according to the discretion of the execcutrixe."


12 November 1659 [Volume 4, Part 1, page 323] – Volume 4, Part 1: 1650-1660; page 396

"In ansr to the petition of Martha Coggan, it is ordered, the sajd Mrs Martha Coggan haue liberty to sell the house mentioned in the petition, for the pajment of debts, as is desired, provided yt Mrs Coggan giue bond, wth security, to pay the heires of the sajd John Wooddey, i.e., his brothers or heires, ye somme of thirty five pounds after ye death of Mrs Robbinson, formerly ye relict of Jno Wooddey, Mr Jno Coggan in his will hauing given Mrs Robbinson full sattisfaction for what she might clajme to the other parts of the seuenty pounds."


7 May 1662 [Volume 4, Part 2, page 398] – Volume 4, Part 2: 1661-1674; page 46

"In ansr to the petition of Richard & Isack Wooddee, the Court, on hearing the case, and on pervsall of an order of this Genrll Court, dated October, 59, for securing thirty fiue pounds vnto the petitioners, wch, for ought appeares, is not performed, doe therefore order, that the administrators of Mrs Martha Coggan be responsall for the same, as also to make good all just damages for non performance of sajd order."


23 May 1666 [Volume 4, Part 2, page 563] – Volume 4, Part 2: 1661-1674; page 296

"Whereas there is a necessity of having supply of gunpouder in this jurisdiction, and forasmuch as Sejeant Richard Wooddey, of Boston, in the county of Suffolke, & Mr Henry Russell, of Ipswitch, in the county of Essex, haue been & are vppon the worke, & in preparation for salt peeter, for their future encouragement, or any other that shall appeare to attend the promoting thereof, –

This Court doeth declare & order, that the sajd Richard Wooddey & Henry Russell are impouered to goe on & proceed in the sajd worke; & for their encouragement, it is ordered by this Court & the authority thereof, that the sajd Richard Wooddey & Henry Russell, or such as are imployed by them, haue power from time to time to digge earth & take water fitt for to make salt peeter licquor in any outhouses at seasonable times, so that the ounors of the places where such earth is to be had be not damnified thereby, but that they leaue the places in as good condition as they finde them; and in case they, the sajd persons, shall stand in neede of carts for the carriage of licquors, tubbs, or other materialls for the carrying an end of this worke, it shall be lawfull for any one magistrate to grant warrant to the constable of that toune (where the occasion ariseth, vppon the persons desire) for to presse teames & carts for their vse, they paying the ordinary prize vnto such so impressed accordinge to the price of these places.

It is further ordered by this Court, that the sajd persons haue liberty to sett vp vessells in so many places as they please (not being of publique annoyance) for the making of their licquor; & they haue liberty in any common ground in a convenient place to digg earth & make banks for to make peeter, provided they doe it wth the knowledge of the select tounesmen, who are hereby ordered to be asisting & encouraging of them in this worke, and that the sajd Richard Wooddey & partners haue this liberty in Suffolke & Midlesex, & Henry Russell in Essex, vntill the Generall Court see cause to allow any other; & then there shallbe a divission made as may give encouragement to all. It is also hereby ordered, that the lawes passed many yeares since, for the saving of vrine in the severall tounes, be revived & put in execution."


6 January 1673-4 [Volume 4, Part 2, page 735] – Volume 4, Part 2: 1661-1674; page 575-6

"The company vnder the command of Capt Wm Hudson, in Boston, being destitute of a leiftennant, the Court, judging it necessary that a supply be made, haue appointed John Hull to be leftennant vnder the sajd capt to that company, and Sarjant Richard Woody to be ensigne to the aforsajd company in the roome of the sajd John Hull, and that commissions be granted them accordingly."


27 May 1674 [Volume 5, page 8] – Volume 5: 1674-1686; page 8

"In ansr to the petition of Richard Woody & Isaac Woody, of Boston, the Court judgeth it meet to grant the petitioners a hearing of their case on the second day of the next session of this Court, at two of the clocke in the afternoone, they giving in sufficient caution to sattisfy the charge of the Court for the hearing yere of, and giving seasonable notice thereof to all partjes concerned accordingly, to attend their concernes at the tjme."


7 October 1674 [Volume 5, page 21] – Volume 5: 1674-1686; page 23

"In ansr to the petition of Richard & Isaac Wooddey, the Court judgeth it necessary, in order to a fynall issue of the case, and that there be no further after hearings, doe finde for the plantiffes sixty pounds damage mony, & costs of this Court three pounds fiueteen shillings & one penny, wth ten pounds mony for the Courts hearing of the case, all to be payd by Joseph Rocke, administrator of the estate of the late Mrs Martha Coggan."


12 October 1676 [Volume 5, page 116] – Volume 5: 1674-1686; page 121-2

"In the case depending betweene John Harrison, plaintiffe, by petition, against Richard Wooddey, deffendant, touching a pretended highway by the sajd Harrisons house, & leading towards the Fort Hill, the Court, on a full hearing of the case & pervsall of the euidences therein, doe finde for the plaintiff the land in controuersy & costs of Court, seven pounds fiue shillings & six penc."


27 May 1685 [Volume 5, page 477] – Volume 5: 1674-1686; page 475

By the Gounor & Company of the Massachusetts Bay in New England, at a Generall Court for Elections, held at Boston, 27th of May, 1685.

Symon Bradstreet, Esq, was chosen Gouernor for ye yeare ensuing, & tooke his oath.


The names of the deputjes returned to serve at this Court were, –

Salem: Mr Edmund Batter, Mr John Ruck.
Roxbury: Mr Edwd Morrice.
Ipsuich: Left. Tho Burnham, Mr Symon Stacy.
Concord: Mr Henry Woody, Sr.

Wooborne: Ensig. James Converse.
Hadley: Mr Samll Partrigg.
Charls Toune: Capt. Rich Sprague, Left. Jno Phillps.
Cambridge: Left. Edwd Winshipp.



Records of the Court of Assistants of the Colony of the Massachusetts Bay, 1630-1692; Vol. I, John Noble, 1901; Vol. II, John Noble, 1904; Vol. III, John F. Cronin, 1928. Boston (published by the County of Suffolk). ACPL # Gc 974.4 M3727r V.1,2,3

Volume 1

1675/6, 7 March page 60 [40]
Richard wooddy plaintiff in an action of Appeale Agt John Harrison sen deffendt from the Courts Judgment in January last in Boston. After the Courts Judgment Reasons of Appeale & euidences in the Case produced were Read Comitted to the Jury and are Remayning on file with the Reccords of this Court the Jury brought in their virdict they found for the plaintiff A reuersall of the former Judgment wth two shillings damage and Costs of Courts fiue pounds & three pence and the Highway sued for to be as formerly.


1675, 19 November page 56 [38]
persons Returnd to serve on ye Grand Jury & sworne were " ... Richd woody ... "


1676/7, 6 March page 81 [?]
Isaack wooddey plaintiffe agt George Speere deffendant in an action of Appeale from the Judgment of the Comissioners Court in Boston After the Attachment Courts Judgment Reasons of Appeale & euidences in the Case produced were Read Comitted to the Jury & are on file wth the Reccords of this Court the Jury brought in their virdict they found for the deffendt Confirmation of the former Judgment & Costs of Courts thirty three shillings & 4d -- --.


1677, 4 September page 94 [67]
persons Returnd to serve on ye Grand Jury & sworne are " ... Ricd wooddey ... "


1679, 2 September page 139 [99]
persons Returnd to serve on ye Grand Jury & sworne were " ... Richrd wooddy ... "


1679, 2 March page 153 [108]
Capt Daniel Henchman in behalf of himself & Left Richard woody Guardians to the 5 children of Anne Hitt plaintiff agt the sentence or setlement of the County Court last in November of yt estate after ye County Courts Judgment er was Read wth the euidences in the Case produced This Court Confirmes the setlement of the County Court.


1680, 1 March page 181 [128]
persons Returnd & sworne for to serve ye 2d Jury of trialls for Appeales life & Limbes: " Capt Richard Wooddy ... "


Seybolt, Robert Francis (1888-1951), The town officials of colonial Boston, 1634-1775. Harvard University Press, Cambridge, Mass., 1939. page 47; Gc 974.402 B65se
Town Meeting, Mar. 15, 1674/75 [7:91] "... Scavengers: Isaac Woody ..."




The following items are all from the series: Reports of the Records Commission of the City of Boston.


The First Report of the Records Commission of the City of Boston. Document 92 – 1876; Volume 1; 1876 (2nd ed 1881); Gc 974.402 B65br V.1

1674. Constable Greenwood. List of Names. [names not on tax list]

33 Samll Woody

Tax List – 1676; Sheet No. 2

Richard Wooddy – Houses & Wharfes: 50; Horses: 1; Cowes: 1; Estates: 30

Tax List – 1676; Sheet No. 4

Isack Woody – Houses: 10

Tax List for 1681 (imperfect)

1681 – Division No. 4; Maior Sauag his Company

W. ... Isaac Woodie ...

Almshouse Rate of 1685

The Original draught of the Rates in Capt. Hutchinsons and Capt Townsends Compa. Ano. 1685.

For ye Worke House 50 . . 11: Capt. Pen Townsends Compa

W. Mrs Woody in sope pro.; Richard Woody promised; ...

1686 Tax List for One Division

A Coppie of A Towne rate Committed to Henery Emes Countstable to Collect 1686.

W. ... Jno. Woody ...

Tax List and Schedules – 1687

Sheet No. 4 John Woodie & man – Heads: 2; Housing: 8; - s4 d-

Sheet No. 7 Widd Wooddy – Houses, Mills, & Wharfes: 6; - s- d6

Boston Valuation – 27 Aug 1688

List of males 16 years or older – ... Wid: Woody, 1 ...


A Report of the Records Commission of the City of Boston containing the Roxbury Land and Church Records. Document 114 – 1880; Volume 6; 1880 (2nd ed 1884); Gc 974.402 B65br V.6

Roxbury Land Records.

[36.] *14. Mr Daniell Weld: A dwelling house, with a barne, yard, orchyard and garden, with a parcell of land conteining three quarters of an acre more or lesse, adioyning to the sayd house and barne, upon the high streete west, upon the training place east, upon Richard Woody Junior south, and upon Mr Thomas Weld North, all of the said parcells of housing and land being bought of Mr Richard Peacocke.

[45.] *23. Abraham Newell his house, barne, and lott, nine accres and a halfe more or lesse abutting upon Edward Porter west, and south, upon Edward Bugby east, and upon Isaack Morrill north, and ten accres upon Richard Peppers asignes north and upon Mr Joshua Foote south, and so betweene two highwayes east and west, and foureteene accres one end their of upon the great pond, and so betweene John Burwell and a highway to Quenetticot; and three accres (to be three accres more or lesse as it is now bounded and staked out) at beare marsh betweene Isaack Johnson west, and John Ruggles east, and stoney riuer south, and in the first and third allottment in the last diuision being the eleventh lott lying betweene Ralph Hemmingway and Giles Pason forty-two accres three quarters and twenty rodd, and in the thousand accres at Deddam twenty and two accres, and two accres of salt marsh more or lesse lying below the salt pan, sometimes the land of Nickolas Parker; and six accres of salt marsh more or lesse, lately the land of Edward Pason, being halfe the marsh giuen to Edward Pason by the towne, lying next to the creeke that leads to pine Hand, and compassed with creekes, all but a ditch made betweene the former meadow and this meadow, and twenty six accres of woodland and broken up more or lesse lately the land of Richard Woody senior, and Richard Woddy Junior, adioyning south of Edward Porter, Mr John Alcocke west, John Watsons land north east, and six accres of land lately the land of Edward Porter, adioyning upon the land of the said Porter westward and upon a highway leading to the towne great lotts eastward.

[58.] *36. John Burwell his dwelling house barne yard, and orchyard, and two accres and a halfe of land more or lesse, upon a highway west, and upon the land of Isaack Morrill south, east, and North, and one accre in the calues pasture upon the highway towards the north, betweene the assignes of John Wooddy and the heires of Thomas Pigge, and one end upon John Stow his assignes, and foure accres and a halfe upon the highway to the great lotts west, and upon William Parke or his assignes North, and two accres and a halfe upon Daniell Brewer his house lott west, and upon a highway east, and fiue accres more or lesse with two rodds wide leading from the highway into it betweene Robert Pepper and the assignes of Thomas Baker and so leading to the pond betweene Christopher peake and Abraham Newell at which end the way to the pond is foure rodds wide, and nine accres of salt marsh, butting upon the marsh of the heires of Mr Samuell Hagborne, and so with a creeke, and in the second alottment in the last diuission being the one and twentyeth lott, lying betweene Thomas Piggs heires and the heires of Joseph Weld twenty accres and one quarter.

John Woody his heires, one house, and a garden plott at the east side their of one quarter of an accre more or lesse upon Mr John Elliott south, and upon Richard Woody north.

[68.] *47. Richard Woody senior, one house and barne adioyning to the house and barne of Richard Peacocke upon the north; and errable land one accre and a halfe more or lesse at the east side theire of, upon Mr Elliott south, upon Mr Daniell Weld North and upon the training place east and in the middle deuision next Dorchester forty accres and one roode.

[99.] *78. John Peiropoynt Eleuen accres and a halfe upon the meeting house hill, one end upon the highway,
and so betweene the land of John Ruggles, Richard Woody Abraham Newell and Mr Alcocke. And sixty accres more or lesse lying in the last diuission being the tenth lott, lying betweene the lotts of the heires of William Heath, and Isaack Heath. And in the thousand accres neare Deddam eighty-three accres certaine, and foure accres, and a halfe more claimed which as yet remaines doubtfull. And in the foure thousand accres giuen by the Court to Roxbury two hundred fifty and three accres: These two last percells of land he inioyeth as heire to John Stow his Father in law lately deceased. And fiue accres and a halfe of land more or lesse bought of William Curtiss neare the pond plaine, abbutting upon the land of John Bowles south, upon Robert Pepper west, upon a highway north, and upon the land of Mr John Eliot east.

The Rev. John Eliot’s Record of Church Members, Roxbury, Mass.

Church Members ...

Richard Woddy

___ Woddy the wife of Richard Woddy.

8th 1m 73/4 Richard Woody with his sons Samuel & Richard & daughters Mary, Martha & Elisabeth were dismissed to the 3d Church in Boston.


Baptized at Roxbury Church

1648 Month 9 day 12. Thomas Wooddy sonne of Richard Woody, Junior.

Month 1 day 11. John Woody sonne of John Woody.

1649 Month 12 day 3. Isack Woody sonne John Woody.

1650 Moneth 5 day 21. Mary Wooddie, daughter of Rich. Woodie.

1651 Moneth 11 day 25. Martha Woodie daughter to Rich. Woodie, junior.


Deaths [Roxbury Church]

1650 Moneth ye 3d day 23. John Wooddie, a christian & godly brother dyed of ye small pox.

1650 Month 7 day 13. Thomas Wooddie son of Richard Wooddy dyed.

1656 Moneth 2d day 5. Anna Woodee wife to Rich Woody Senior.

1658 Moneth 10 day 7. Richard Woodie Senior.


Records of Rev. Samuel Danforth – Pastor First Church, Roxbury (with Rev. John Eliot)

1650 May 23. John Wooddie dyed of the small pox.

11. 12m 66. ... Also at ConCord ye House of mr Woodies was burnt & his onely son p’ished in ye fire.



A Report of the Records Commission of the City of Boston containing the Boston Town Records from 1660 to 1701. Document 50 – 1881; Volume 7; Gc 974.402 B65br V.7

Boston Town Records, 1673.

Septembr. 16th. At a meetinge of Capt James Olliuer, Capt Thomas Lake, John Joyliffe, Mr. Hezechiah Usher &
Mr Thomas Brattle – Upon a motion & desire of Lt Richard Wooddy to viewe & determine a difference betweene him & Steephen Butler about a highway lyinge through the marsh on the south side of Jonathan Shrimptons warehouse towards the Sea which the said Butler claymes as a highway formerlie layd out by the selectmen of this towne and upon view & examination of deeds & witnesses doth apeare to be a highway formerly layd out as aboue but noe record made thereof It is now ordrd that ye said highway be continued, which is now staked out & Confirmed to be 12 foote in breadth from the highwaye leadinge from Thomas Rawlins Corner towards the bridge ouer against the Corner of the blew bell, downe on the sd south side of Jonathan Shrimptons warehouse & land of Samuell Procters to a Corner post of a fence of Richard Wooddy now set downe on the south side of the sd highway leauinge the said 12 foote or way northerlie, & from the sd Corner post of Richd Wooddie fence to run somethinge wheelinge toward the north to the northermost pte of the outward wharfe formerlie Benjamine Wards lyinge next the sea & thence upon the flatts, wch way is to be Kept cleere & free from any anoyance by layinge of timber or stones, buildinge of Vessells or any other incombrance whatsoeuer longer then ye usuall Costime of other wharfes or ways next the sea.

Boston Town Records, 1675.

[91.] 1675, 24 Aprill. Whereas there was an action comenced by William Hollaway and Steephen Butler against John Dafforne accordinge to attachment dated the 20th of January 1674 and the Plaintiffes withdrew theire action vpon agreement of a reference of the case to The Honorable John Leveret, Edward Tynge and Major Thomas Clarke Esqrs, and the Selectmen of Bostone bindinge themselves each to other in the penaltie of 200 to stand to and to abide the award and determination of the foresaid parties or the major parte of them, Upon the hearinge of the pleas and allegations of both parties in the case by vs whose names are underwritten. Wee doe award that William Holloway and Steephen Butler shall be at the charge to set up the fence which they plucked downe alonge Mr Daffornes land in the same place where it was accordinge to theire agreement before the Selectmen with Richard Wooddy and the said John Dafforne to enjoy that line as the boundary betweene the said parties, and this wee award as our finall determination of this case. Witnesse our hands the 24th of April, 1675.

James Olliver

John Leveret

Hezechiah Usher

Edward Tynge

Thomas Brattle

Tho. Clarke

John Joyliffe

William Davis

John Lake

Thomas Lake

Boston Town Records, 1676.

[100.] 1676. Oct 30. Meetinge of Mr John Lake, John Joyliffe, Lt Daniell Turine, Capt James Olliuer Capt Thomas Brattle
Ordered that the towne treasurer satisfie the judgmt of ye Generall Court of 7ld 5s 6d. Costs granted against Richard Woody in John Harrisons action about the towne high way where his rope yard is, ordered by the Inhabitants to be prosecuted.


A Report of the Records Commission of the City of Boston containing the Boston Births, Baptisms, Marriages, and Deaths, 1630-1699. Document 130 – 1883; V.9; Gc 974.402 B65br V.9

Births 1653 Elizabeth of Richard and Frances Woody born 19th Sept. page 40
1655 Ann of Sargt Richard & Frances Woodee born 12th July.
page 50
1656 Samuel of Richard & Frances Woodee born 11th Sept.
page 55
1657 Mary of of Isaac & Dorcas Woody born 22nd March.
page 59
1658 Richard of Richard & Frances Woodde born 3rd Dec.
page 64
1659 John of of Isaac & Dorcas Woodee born 18th Sept.
page 69
1661 Sarah of Sergt. Richard & Frances Woodde born May 21.
page 80
1662 Isaac of Isaac & Dorcas Wooddee born Apr. 6.
page 85
1664 Dorcas of Isaac & Dorcas Woodee born Aug. 10.
page 93
1666 Ann of Isaac & Dorcas Woodee born Nov. 21.
page 102
1669 Martha of of Isaac & Dorcas Woodee born Nov. 12.
page 112
1672 Thomas of of Isaac & Dorcas Wooddee born Sept. 9.
page 125
1674 Richard of Isaac & Dorcas Wooddee born Feb. 1.
page 135
1687 Henry Wooddy Nov. 6. [First Church]
page 177
1688 John of John & Mary Wooddee born Jan. 25.
page 182

Baptisms – all at First Church
1653 Elizabeth of Richard Woody of Roxberry 25day 7mo
page 45
1655 Ann of Rich. Woody of Ch. of Roxberry 15day 5mo
page 53
1656 Samuel of Rich. Woody 19day 7mo
page 58
1658 Richard of Rich: Woody of Roxberry 5day 10mo
page 68
1661 Sarah of Richard Woody of Ch. of Roxberry 26day 3mo
page 83
1687 Henry Wooddy [s. John, b. 19 July 1687] Nov. 6
page 177
1689 John Woody Jan. 27
page 188

1652 Thomas Robinson of Scituate m. Mary Woodey widow 10th - 11th month by William Hibbins.
page 38
(Mary was widow of John Woodey of Roxberry; see "Savage" Vol. IV, p. 637.)
1656 Isaac Woody & Dorcas Harper were married 20th – 1st month by Major Humph. Atharton. page 56

Deaths 1657 John of John Woodee of Roxbury and Mary his wife died 12th – 6th month. page 61
1661 Sarah of Richard and Francis Woodee deceased the 23d of August.
page 80
1697 John of John Woody Dyed 17 April.
page 237



A Report of the Records Commission of the City of Boston containing the Boston Births from
AD 1700 to AD 1800. Document 43 – 1894
; Volume 24;
Gc 974.402 B65br V.24

Births – 1703 Isaac Son of Richard Woody and Sarah his wife born 22 March 1703.


A Report of the Records Commission of the City of Boston containing Miscellaneous Papers.

Document 100 – 1900; Volume 29; Gc 974.402 B65br V.29

Lists of Freemen.
1640 May 13 Edward Woode [C.R., Vol. I, p. 281] page 140
1641 June 2 Nicho. Woode [C.R., Vol. I, p. 312]
page 141
1642 May 18 Richrd Wody [C.R., Vol. II, p. 18]
page 142
1643 May 10 John Woode [C.R., Vol. II, p. 27-8]
page 143
1644 May 29 Richrd Wooddy [C.R., Vol. II, p. 53]
page 143
1656 May 14 Hen. Wooddey [C.R., Vol. IV, p. 219]
page 147


The Names of such persons who tooke the Oath of Allegiance in Boston: 11th Novembr 1678. Administred by the Honooble. John Leverett Esqr. Governor. ... Jn[o] Woodde ...

The Names of the Male persons in Hingham who tooke the oath of Allegiance. ... Richd Woode ...


A Report of the Records Commission of the City of Boston containing the Aspinwall Notarial Records (1644-1651). 1903; Volume 32; Gc 974.402 B65br V.32

11 (11) 1648. Know all men by these prsents that we John Turner mercht & Benjamin Gellom Shipwright both of Boston in the County of Suffolke in the Massachusetts bay in America doe acknowledge orselves to be indebted to owe unto John Woody of Roxbury in the County & bay aforesaid Bisket maker the summe of twenty nine pound of good & lawfull money of England to be paid unto Mr Wm Peake at the signe of the Goulden Key in Canon streete in London woollen Drap in & uppon the 20th day of June next ensueing the date hereof for the use & behalfe of the sd John Woodie or his Assignes, to wch payment well & truly to be made as aforesaid wee the sd John Turner & Benjamin Gillom doe bind orselves & either of us or heires Executers & Administrators jointly & severally firmly by these presents in witnes whereof we have caused this Bill to be made & have hereunto sett our hands. Dat the 29th of Decembr 1648 in letters. John Turner; Benjamin Gillom. Read subscribed & delivered in presence of: Jolliff Ruddock; William Milles.

27 (1) 1649. This witnesseth that I whose name is underwritten for & in consideration of one hund. pounds received in English goods in Boston doe pmise to deliver aboard some vessell that the said John Woody may send in March next, three hundred bushells of wheate & as much pease as make upp the full summe above mentioned, wheate at foure shillings, pease at three & foure pence, but if wheate be fyve shillings at Boston then the said John is to give foure shillings three pence p bushell, & if pease be foure shillings at that time when this corne is due, then to have it at three shillings & sixe pence. the corne to be good & merchantable. witnes my hand 24th of Septemb. 1648
witnes hereunto Ri: Ludlowe John Coggan.


City of Boston: Records Relating to The Early History of Boston. Document 93 – 1905;
Volume 34;
Gc 974.402 B65br V.34

The Old Burial-Ground: The town records say:–

"Feb. this 23d, 1648. It is agreed with John Woody, Constabell The sayd John is to Fenc in the buring plas with a Fesy (?) ston wall sefighattly (sufficiently) don for strenk and workmanshipe, as also to mak a doball gatt of 6 or 8 fote wid and to hing(e) it and to find all stuf and stons and workmanshipe, and he is to Finesh ed by the first of Jvne next, and in considerashan of this work he is to have six pounds and he is to paye himself out of the town Ratt (tax), in witness we have hereto sett to our hands the day above Ritten. John Wooddey Joshua Hewes John Johnson. "

Greyhound Tavern:
As early as 1643 Richard Woody, who dwelt in the immediate vicinity of the Greyhound, had leave from the town "to draw wine." In 1653 leave was given John Gorton and Robert Pepper, "to brew and sell penny beare and cakes and white bread." In 1678, just after the Indian war, intemperance had become so prevalent that the town voted that "neither wine nor liquors shall be sold at any ordinary in Roxbury," and that there should be but one ordinary in the town.


Vital Records of Roxbury, Massachusetts, to the End of the Year 1849; Volume 1. Births; 1925. Volume 2. Marriages and Deaths; 1926. pub: The Essex Institute, Salem, Mass. Gc 974.402 R793v

Roxbury Births

WOODDIE Mary, d. Richard, bp. 21: 5m : 1650. C.R. 1.

WOODDY Thomas, s. Richard, jr., bp. 12 : 9 : 1648. C.R. 1.

WOODIE Martha, d. Richard, jr., bp. 25 : 11m : 1651-2. C.R. 1.

WOODY Isack, s. John, bp. 3 : 12m : 1649-50. C.R. 1.
John, s. John, bp. 11 : 1m : 1648-9.
C.R. 1.


Roxbury Marriages

WOODDY Mary, and Edmund Sheffield, Apr. 17, 1644.

WOODY Richard, and Francis Dexter, Dec. 29. 1646.

Roxbury Deaths

WOODDIE John, smallpox, 23 : 3m : 1650. C.R. 1.
Thomas, s. Richard, 13 : 7m : 1650.
C.R. 1.

WOODDY ----, ch. stillborn, Richard, abt. 2 : 9m : 1647. C.R. 1.

WOODY Ann [Woodee. C.R. 1.], w. Richard, sr., Apr. 4, 1656.
Richard [Woodie, Sr.
C.R. 1.], "Ould," Dec. 6, 1658.




Pope, Charles Henry, The Pioneers of Massachusetts: A Descriptive List; Drawn from Records of the Colonies, Towns, and Churches, and other Contemporaneous Documents. By C.H. Pope (Pastor, First Church, Charlestown, Boston). Originally published Boston, MA; 1900. Reprint by Genealogical Publishing Co., Baltimore; 1965. ACPL # Gc 974.4 P81p; pages 512-513.

Woodie, Woodes, Woods, Woodies, Woodhouse.

Henry, husbandman, Concord, probably before 1650. Bought land in C. in 1660. Wife Elenor d. 4 Sep 1693; ch. John b. 17 Nov 1651, d. 2 Feb 1666; Mary b. 7 Sep 1653 (m. 27 Nov 1678, Joseph Lee); Hannah b. 11 Mar 1656 (m. 24 Sep 1684, Thomas Cheney); Millicent b. 4 Apr 1660 (m. 31 Dec 1689, Joseph Estabrooke); Sarah b. 29 Feb 1663. He m. 2, Sarah _?_, who survived him and d. 19 Jan 1717. He d. 16 Jun 1700. [See notes in "John Leigh of Agawam."]

Richard, Roxbury, frm. 13 May 1642; propr. His wife Anna was bur. 4 Apr 1656; he m. 2, _?_. He d. "old"
6 Dec 1658. Will prob. 16 Dec folg. Sons Richard and Isaac; dau. Mary Sheffield; wife to have what she brought with her; he also made beq. to her and her two children.
[Reg. IX, 346] The probate papers of his son John who d. in 1650, show relationships. Mary married Edmund Sheffield of Braintree, and d. before (8) 1657.

Richard, fisherman, Boston, frm. 29 May 1644. Wife Mary adm. chh. 7 (3) 1643; second wife Sarah; ch. Mary b. and d. 1637; Mary b. 14 (11) 1638 (m. 1659, George Pearse; her father gave land to their son George, 30 Oct 1668); John b. 9 (2) 1641; Hannah b. 15 (1) 1643; Jonathan b. about 16 (2) 1647; [Thomas, ch. of Richard and Sarah, b. at Cambridge 22 (8) 1649]; Hopestill bapt. 2 (4) 1650; Francis and Hopestill b. 8 Mar 1661. His est. was admin. upon by the widow Sarah 31 Oct 1676. Inv. of house, land and moveables filed 3 Nov 1676.



New England Historical and Genealogical Register; V7#4, Oct 1853; p 338-9: "Abstracts of Early Wills"

John Woody, of Roxbury.

Debts due his Estate, &c. Rich: Woodde, Isaac Woodde & Edmond Sheffield, husband of the late Mary Wooddy, petition General Court, "Whereas it hath pleased God by death to rmove John Wooddy, or kinseman, the sonne of John Wooddy, late of Roxbury, or brother, being next heires unto said John," &c. do therefore desire power of Administration upon the estate 15.8.1657. Mr Coggan petitions in their behalf. The Estate consisted of a house, pt of a mill, the rest in goods & Cattle, he haueing a wife & Child. The Court accept of mr Coggans securitie for 70lb. as the Childs pt in that estate, and 7p ann. vntill the Childe com to the age of 21 yeares – the house & pte of mille being before sold by the overseers – alowed so to do by order of Court – the Child dyes in its minoritie. Quest. who in right ought to enjoye the estate of this childe, deceaseing in its minoritie? The deputyes Voted, the Child or Children of the Woodyes, wth reference to or honrd magistrates.

Signed, Samuel Symonds, Eleazer Lusher, Roger Clap.

William Torrey, Clerk. The magistrates Consent heereto. Edw. Rawson, Secty.



New England Historical and Genealogical Register; V7#4, Oct 1853; p 339-40: "Abstracts of Early Wills"

Richard Woody of Roxbury.

Being sick. – Vnto Eldest sonn Richard, his Heyers the Howse, yard, barne, orchard, home lott & wood lott, Prouided that Richard lett my wife haue his owne howse in Roxbury & the Chambers ouer it for her Comfortable dwelling duringe life, and soe much of the yard as belonge to it, and the stable & his parte of the orchard vnto the Crosse fence that part the orchard and the Land, this in Consederation of her thirds of my land : to my wife all my Corne in my howse, all my Hay and my Horse, vnto her and her too Children, the wood in the yard, my butter, Cheese, frute and hoggs; also I giue her halfe of the linnen I haue purchased since I married her, and halfe that wch she made her selfe, also all the Cotton [ ] woole, that is in the howse, and flax, the twoo wheeles, the bedstead in the little Chamber, a Chayer. Vnto son Isaack, all the moueables in the Hall Chamber, the beds and its furniture, Table, forme, Chayer and Chest. My will is that my Exector pay my sonn Isack 15. within one yeare after my departure. To my dau. Mary Sheffield, the bed whereon I lye in the kitchin, wth all the furniture belongeinge thervnto, and my Byble, also 10. My mynde is, that all thinges my wife brought wth her when we married & since may be returned vnto her back againe. The rest of myne estate, sonn Richard myne Exector to diuide between my thre Children. The other halfe of the Linnen, to be to the proper vse of my sonn Richard; also the warminge pann & a kettle, I giue my wife duringe her life. 24 Sept. 1658. Richard Woody.

Witnesse Daniel Weld, Thomas Weld Thomas Weld deposed 16 Decr 1658. Edw. Rawson, Recordr.



New England Historical and Genealogical Register; V55#?, April 1901; pg 142 (bkgnd on p139)


Boston Tax List of 1687: Major Savage’s Division, Number 4, Towne Rate [Made June Ye] 6th 1687

... Jno Woody 6 ...



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