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Elizabeth (Allen) Dixon


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Robert, James, and Mary were siblings, the children of Hugh Woody and Ruth Hadley. Robert married Cleopatra Dixon, (b. 4/21/1806 d. 6/18/1830) on 1/17/1828 at Cane Creek MM in Chatham Co. NC. Cleopatra Dixon was a sister of Joseph Dixon ( 9/24/1800-12/23/1873). They were the children of Thomas Dixon ( 4/13/1753-1/4/1824 )and Abigail Stuart ( 5/18/1762-5/26/1843 ) married at Cane Creek MM on 7/6/1780. They were the grandchildren of Simon Dixon ( 1728,PA-1781) and ELIZABETH ALLEN (2/29/1728-10/13/1793) charter members of the Cane Creek Meeting. Maternal grandparents were Alexander Stuart ( 1737 PA-1767 ) and Elizabeth Pike ( 1/19/1739 VA-3/31/1816 ). Alex was a founder of Cane Creek. All of the above except James are buried at Cane Creek MM.

A story told about Elizabeth (Allen) Dixon;

When Cornwallis's troops were fleeing from Greene's armies, they encamped a day and a night at Dixon's Mill. Cornwallis commandeered Simon Dixon's stone house, for his headquarters. About 20 of his sick and wounded soldiers D at this encampment, and were buried in the Cane Creek Cemetery. When the Lord General took over the Dixon house, the family took temporary quarters in an out - building near by. That night the good old Quaker lady, Mrs. Dixon (who was Elisabeth Allen) wanted a smoke. She remembered that she had left her pipe in the house. But when she went to retrieve it, a hard boiled sentry barred the way and refused permission to enter. 'But I want my pipe!" said Aunt Lib, "You can't have yer bloody pipe!" growled the sentry, "An' 'ow do I know yer not a bloody hound? Away am' begone, ye rebel!".

The General heard the argument and came outside the house. He had recognized Mrs. Dixon's Voice.'What's this! What's this!" He called to the sentry. "Trying to keep a - lady out of her own house! Of course she can have her pipe. Come on in, Mrs. Dixon, and get what you like."

submitted by Michael A. Woody



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