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1. To find the generation of each, note number following name, as (James Woody4)

2. The Roman numerals are used in numbering the children of each family.

3. Of the six brothers listed in the fourth generation, the first two, only, (James and John) and their descendants are recorded in this Record.

4. Also beginning with the fourth generation as each person’s name is entered (he or she) is numbered in rotation with a letter, (A or B) following the number, as (6-A) or (7-B); thus the Record is divided into two parts - Part One with the letter A following numbers and Part Two with the letter B following.

5. After each name is listed under their father and mother’s name, that same number and name appears at the extreme left of the page, giving their ancestors, who their father and mother were, also whom they married and their children..


Hints...You can search for names on the Woody Gap site from the front index page. index.htm#search

Another way to search for a name: Press and hold the control key down and then press the f key on your computer keyboard. This method will only work for the page you are viewing. Good Luck!


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