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At the request of my father, William H. Woody, I, Louan A. Tool, will write some in this book. The first and best thing I will write is that my dear parents have been Christians all my life of 51 years.

To live a Christian life and try to do our Master’s bidding is the kind of a life that suits me best. I was converted at the age of 14 and joined the Regular Baptist Church at the age of 17. I was a member of that church for fourteen years. On account of living so far from the Baptist Church, and no regular services, I felt it my duty to go into the Methodist Church with my husband, and have tried in my weak way to do what I could to help others do right.

I have composed a piece of poetry which I will write in this book also, not that I want to brag of it, but the Love of God in my heart prompted me to write it.




Long years ago, on a Christmas morn.

For all mankind, a Savior was born.

We find him in a manger, no room in the Inn.

And He was a babe, born without sin.

Just above that barn so bright,

The Star of Bethlehem shone that night,

To point to those that were far away

That in a manger a Savior lay.

Then we find Him going from there

To be brought up in a mother’s care.

And after this, but in His youth

We find Him nobly studying the truth.

To find out where His duty lay

That His Father’s will He might obey.

And, dear friends, are we today

Trying to find out our Father’s will and way?

Then we find Him marching along

Teaching and preaching to a mighty throng.

Saying to all "Repent of your sin

And turn unto God, Who will take you in."

Then healing the sick, and leading the blind,

And doing all the good that He could find.

Touching the palsied, so they came from their bed,

And even we find Him raising the dead.

Then to the Sermon on the Mountain top,

Did they believe Him, or did they not?

When He told them that the hour had come,

That He must die for the children of men.

And now with His Disciples at Gethsemane

He says "While I go, pray you, watch for me."

Going a little farther and falling on the ground

Says, "Father, if it be possible, let this cup pass."

While they were here in this very place,

Behold the company, with Judas, met them face to face.

Forthwith came Judas, and betrayed with a kiss

Then He was led away to be condemned by Caiaphas.

And when He was condemned to die

We hear them crying "Crucify! Crucify!"

In Him there could no guilt be found,

But they took Him and to the cross He was bound.


Then they nailed Him to the Roman Cross

And it was that He gave up the Ghost.

It was about the ninth hour when aloud cried He,

"My God, My God, hast Thou forsaken me?"

Behold the Lamb of God on the cross.

Behold His arms extended wide.

Behold His wounded bleeding side.

For us, dear friends, He bled and died, on the cross, on the cross.


Then they laid Him in the tomb,

To wait until the third day should come.

The Angel came, and rolled the stone away,

And He came forth at the break of day.

For us, dear friends, He shed His blood,

That we through Him might have life above

And today, dear friends, He is with God

Pleading for us, while here on earth we trod.

And, if we will give up all, and confess our sin,

God, for Christ’s sake will kindly take us in.

Then when our mission here on earth is done,

He will take us up to that Heavenly Home.

(Signed) Louan A. Tool

Bethany Missouri

December 10, 1946

Dear Woodys: -

As I was requested to contribute a letter to the Woody Record, I will endeavor to do so.

Of the William Hampton Woody family, I am the only one living. Many memories come to me of my childhood, in the dear old home; happy times with my sisters and brothers and kind parents, who have all been called to their Heavenly Home.

Having had the pleasure of knowing many Woodys, I can say, they believe in God, are courageous, industrious, and law-abiding citizens; as were our ancestors, who encountered many hardships on their voyage across the ocean from Ireland, before the Revolutionary war.

In South Carolina, where they first settled, life was not easy. Later they moved to Indiana, building their homes from the large trees, (log houses no doubt). I can recall many interesting stories told of my Grandfather and his family on their Westward trip to Iowa in 1849 (97 years ago) where they found a place to have a home not far from the town of Monroe, Iowa.

All honor to our ancestors who were brave men and women, paving the way for us, that we might enjoy the comforts, of life.

As for me, I am proud to be a Woody.

(Signed) Irena (Woody) Misner


Greetings to all the Woody relatives. We have many pleasant memories of the times we’ve spent together, and hope that there will be many more. Each time some more of our loved ones have gone on ahead. Hoping some day, we will all meet in our Home above.

Julia Fairchild



Dedicated to My Mother, Ruth Catherine (Woody) Montgomery.


If I can and will follow the splendid example of clean, honest Christian. Living, which my darling Mother lived, I shall die with that blessed assurance, and meet her in heaven, as was her request to her family and friends, shortly before she breathed her last.

Jemima C. (Montgomery) Birkenholtz.

Monroe, Iowa

December 21, 1946

We, Etta and Mark, join with our letter of good will to all the Woodys living, and wish to pay a tribute of love and respect to our ancestors, and especially to our grandfather the late William H. Woody, who started this Record more than thirty years ago, requesting that some one might bring it down to date.

Many were the days, months and years he spent, obtaining the early history of our ancestors and we appreciate his efforts, and the information he left us. Thus we have tried to fulfill his request, and in turn, ask that the Woody Record be carried down to date each generation.

(Signed) Etta Ross

Grandfather left us with a memory, his "hobby", always making beautiful and useful articles with his saw and square; one in particular, a family album, which we treasure. He requested it be kept in the Woody family, (one who bears the Woody name).

After his death, my father, the late John M. Woody prized it very highly, and now it is in my possession to cherish and keep for one of my sons.

I wish to say of my father and mother - "They were the best a son ever had." Also Aunt Phena (Mrs. Icephena Misner) who spent her last years with us, was loved very dearly.

(Signed) Mark M. Woody



Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Morgan Woody who have celebrated their sixty-third wedding anniversary. Especially are congratulations in order, as Morgan Woody is the sole representative of the fifth generation in this Record.

Mr. and Mrs. Woody spent most of their married life on their farm, some three miles south-east of Reasnor, Iowa, improving it with nice buildings, which with their careful planning and hard work, have kept it an outstanding place and real home.

The lovely trees that were set with their own hands are now very beautiful, --especially one very large Elm, that towers with such wonderful grace in the south yard.

A painting of that immense tree on each cover of our Woody Record, could well have made it a "Woody Tree".

Mr. and Mrs. Woody have retired and are now living in their beautiful home in Reasnor where the "latch string hangs out" to all their friends, (and they are many) who wish them happiness and blessings from above.

(Signed) A Friend.





Monroe, Iowa

December 21, 1946

"Thank you", every one, who gave me information to carry our Woody Record down to date. I appreciate your help and patience.

Mrs. Etta Ross


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