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Franklin Woody and Mary Jane Thorne's Children

Florence Woody Wilderson


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The Barrett Letter

Letter by Dr. Marilyn W. Barrett, published in the newsletter "A WOODY FAMILY TREE" by Mary Dell Wallace, January 1994

and additional comments by Mel Woodard


This is a photo of Nathaniel Woody (1 Oct 1814-31 Mar 1902) scanned from
the book "Carolina Quakers, 300 Years". Nathaniel was a son of Samuel
Woody & Eleanor Hadley, grandson of James Woody & Mary Laughlin,
g/grandson of John III. Nathaniel was married 1st to Sarah/Sally
Hornaday, 2nd to Margaret Cox.

Nathaniel.JPG (67942 bytes) 

This one, and the short bio, was also scanned from "Carolina Quakers,
300 Years". This John was the son of Nathaniel (above picture) and
Sarah Hornaday (Nathaniel's 1st wife).

JOHN W. WOODY 1841 - 1920
Born near Saxapahaw, Spring Meeting. Educator. First president Of
William Penn College, Iowa. Returned to teach in New Garden Boarding
School, 1880. Member of the first faculties of three Colleges: Guilford
College, 1889; Whittier College, California, 1894; Friends University,
Kansas, 1898. Helped establish Slater Normal School (for Blacks),
Winston Salem, 1899.
johnwwoo.jpg (40749 bytes)

MARY C. WOODY 1846 - 1928
Native of Indiana, wife of John W. Woody. Recorded as a minister by New
Garden, 1884. Active i n the ministry, leader in Yearly Meeting
affairs, teacher of English, Bible and public speaking. First President
of the State WCTU; served as Vice President of the National WCTU with
Frances Willard. Active in Five Years Meeting, representing NCYM.

marycwoo.jpg (43637 bytes)


The next photo is a picture of Franklin Woody and Mary Jane Thorne's Children

Published in " A WOODY FAMILY TREE" No. 16, October 1993

Does anyone know this family?

Franklin Woody Children.JPG (228666 bytes)

This was a scanned image published in one of Mary Dell Wallace's newsletters in 1991. Mary
appears to have found this amongst some of her mother's pictures and posted it in the newsletter
asking if anyone knew who it was. She indicated it was on a postcard, and on the other side it said:
"Florence Woody Wilderson - Dec. 1913". It was addressed to Mr. & Mrs. Oliver Woody,
Monroe, Iowa

FlorenceW2.JPG (182104 bytes)




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