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Pedigree Charts

Submitted by Members of the
West Pasco County Genealogical Society

Prepared by
Debbe Hagner and Al Lautenschlager

West Pasco County Genealogical Society
PO Box 1142
Port Richey, FL 34673

This publication consists of WPCGS member's pedigree charts. We limited the total of charts to nine pages. Sometimes as many as 25 or more pages have been submitted, they are indicated by *. Our members are from all over the United States and Canada. A lot of our members live in Pasco County, Florida during the winter time.
All charts submitted in this book are on file in the WPCGS archives. The society also has several pedigree charts from members that are no longer members of our society or are deceased. We did not include those member's pedigree charts in this book, but we listed the surnames. You may contact the society for more information on those surnames.

Books are available for purchase at $10.00 + $3.00 Shipping and handling. Make the check out to West Pasco County Genealogical Society or WPCGS.

How to use the Surname Index

The surname index list all surnames and gives the number(s) of the ancestor charts on which that name appears. Ancestor charts are in order by the membership number that appears in the upper middle of each page. The membership number consists of the first letter of the member's last name followed by a three digits number. If an asterisk appears after the membership number, more than the nine page charts allowed are on file in the archives. The name and address can be found with the charts.

Not all members submitted charts.

Compiled and indexed October 1999

Published by The West Pasco County Genealogical Society 1999
Frank Nadeau, President
Al Lautenschlager, Vice President
Janet Lautenschlager, Secretary
Florence Weber, Treasurer
Shirley Morton, Director
Debbe A. Hagner, Accredited Genealogist and Director
Glee McKee, Librarian


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Designed by Debbe Hagner

Information last updated on 09 Apr 2000.

Name Member #
Alard M006
Alevizos N003
Allar C011
Allard B007
Ammons M006
Anderson B011
Anderson L004
Andres A003
Andrews C009
Arbogast M008
Arbour B005
Arercrombie O001
Armour L004
Armstrong M005
Aronald N004
Babb A005
Babcock C007
Backus P003
Badcock G003
Baetzner H002
Bailey G003
Bailey P003
Baird W005
Baker B002
Baker B007
Baker D005
Baldwin C007
Balzer A003
Barclay A001
Bardelmas M003
Bariett B002
Barnes C011
Barnier/Bernier M006
Barrack M001
Barrick M001
Barrows L001
Barrows L001
Bartholomew B002
Bartholonew W003
Bashore M008
Bateman C009
Beadsley B002
Beal C016
Beaudoin N003
Beaule B004
Beaule' B001
Beck W009
Beebe B002
Beers L001
Beeson A005
Behrensprung S013
Bell C011
Bell S005
Bennet L001
Bennet L001
Bennison Y001
Bennister Y001
Berske B008
Bertheau B001
Bertsch H002
Beton N004
Beyer W009
Bibeau B001
Biggs B003
Bindschadel H002
Birdsel D005
Bischof K002
Bishop B008
Bittenbender S011
Bizzo M005
Bjorgum B010
Blackman C009
Blackman R002
Bliss S011
Bobst S016
Boisseau H012
Boisselle B001
Bolz H002
Bondurant S016
Bonin B001
Bonneau M006
Bosca N004
Bossert L003
Bouchard M006
Boucher B004
Boucher H012
Boulet B001
Boulin B009
Bourgaud H012
Bourgeois M006
Bowen D004
Boza N004
Bradbury P004
Bradley B005
Brancheau N001
Brandenberg M006
Braun H002
Brazeall W003
Bredin M003
Brenham H012
Brill S013
Brison B003
Britton N004
Brokke B010
Brooke A005
Brown C006
Brown C011
Brown C016
Brown P003
Brown S012
Bruner A005
Brunnemann W004
Brust S016
Buck A005
Buckwalter C011
Buehler W009
Bühlmayer K002
Bulock M008
Burke H012
Burnham P003
Butler P003
Butler P004
Bystrom B011
Cable L001
Camp S016
Carlson C011
Carmichael B002
Casse N001
Chaffee A005
Chagnon dit Larose H012
Chambers M001
Chapel W005
Charron B004
Chatellereau N001
Chattee R002
Chenet B004
Chevalier B001
Chewning C006
Clark B002
Clark C010
Clark C016
Clark P003
Clark R002
Claus N001
Clendenin D005
Clifton S005
Close S011
Cobb P003
Collins P003
Combs D004
Comfort G003
Conant B007
Conklin C007
Conkling C007
Conklyne C007
Conway C010
Conwel C009
Conwell C010
Cook C010
Cook M008
Corino K002
Cortwright W005
Cote' B001
Coulter P004
Coup M008
Cowdry H012
Cowles P003
Cox C011
Cox W004
Cox(e) H006
Craven S011
Crawford S005
Creed H006
Crenshaw A004
Cresap A005
Crom B002
Crow C010
Cudnachowski B008
Cunningham L002
Curran K002
Curschmann N004
Curtis H006
Curtz D005
D'arcy G001
Dahlberg B009
Dakamon B002
Dallaire N003
Danforth C007
Dantzler B002
Davey D003
Daviau B004
Davidson S016
Davis C009
Davis O001
Davison M001
De Laire N003
De Witt N001
Deady G001
Deane P003
Deckinger H002
Deckmann L003
Deiwert M008
Delelys H012
Delijs H012
Delisle N001
Deloel N001
Deneau N001
Dennis A001
Des Chenes D002
Descomps N001
Desranleau H012
Dickson C009
Diegel D005
Dietrich H002
Dietsch W004
Dietz M008
Dittmar H005
Dostie M001
Downer B002
Downs A004
Doyne A005
Drake H006
Dredge S012
Dube' B004
Duerkes N001
Dull B002
Dunham P003
Dunlap L002
Duquet B001
Dusty M001
Dutcher H012
Dwyer G001
Dyer R003
Ebert H002
Eckels C010
Egan H006
Egan W004
Eitel H002
Elliot H005
Elliott B002
Elmer/Elmore P003
Ely P003
Emery S016
Eppetvedt B010
Eripert/Heripel B001
Ernst H002
Evan L002
Ewald N002
Eyrich H002
Faille C006
Faith A004
Fast S015
Feller L003
Feyl/Feil H002
Field B002
Figel L003
Fillio L001
Fillio L001
Fingado F005
Fiset H012
Fisher N002
Fitch B003
Fitch L001
Flaumm B012
Fleming W004
Floyd O001
Foley K002
Forcier B001
Ford S016
Forristal G001
Foster P003
Fournier N001
Francisco S011
Frank A005
Frantz N004
French B002
French B003
French G003
Frey S016
Frink H002
Fritz W009
Fuller L004
Gagne' B004
Gagnier N001
Gagnon B005
Gardner S005
Garrison S016
Gaudin B001
Gaylord B005
Gelinas N001
Gendren N001
Gendron H012
George N003
Georgopoulos N003
Gervais H012
Giard H012
Gilchrist C007
Gjesme B010
Glady N002
Glasgow S005
Gleaves C009
Glynn S016
Gogolinski B008
Goodale P003
Goodman M003
Gordy C009
Gosselin B001
Gover G001
Gover G004
Gower C009
Gower S011
Graff S013
Graham P004
Grande H002
Green M003
Green R002
Greengrass L004
Griffin B002
Griffin C010
Griffin H012
Griffith P003
Grimes A005
Grob L003
Grosse G003
Grüb K002
Gruber L003
Gruver M007
Guetschow W004
Hackenburg A003
Hagner H002
Hall A004
Hall S016
Halvorsdatter B010
Halvorson B010
Hamilton H005
Hancock D004
Hardbrandt L001
Hardbrandt L001
Hardenfelder H005
Hardesty B007
Hardway C009
Harrington S012
Harris C009
Harris S016
Harrison D004
Harry S007
Hart B002
Hasenstab H012
Hatten A005
Hau H012
Hawks S012
Hawks S012
Heasel S007
Heckerthorn S016
Hege A005
Helbig H002
Henderson C011
Hendrickson H006
Hennebry G001
Hensley O001
Herman B011
Herrmann H002
Herrold M008
Hessel D003
Heveran Y001
Hevlin A005
Hickman A005
Hicks D003
Hill P003
Hiller L001
Hiller L001
Hillson C011
Hirth K002
Hoer N002
Hoffner P001
Hogenkamp C007
Holbert R003
Holston C016
Homme B010
Hopkins B007
Hopkins G001
Hornecker N002
Horner D005
Houghton F005
Howard C009
Howley H012
Hubbard L001
Huck A003
Hudson C016
Huebner M006
Huffman B002
Hughes M007
Hunt C007
Hurd G003
Hurst L003
Hurthle B003
Huston C010
Hutchinson P001
Ingraham M001
Ingram M001
Irick A005
Isaac A005
Izaak H012
Jackson L001
Jacques H012
Jelliff L001
Jellift L001
Jenkin L002
Joeckel K002
John S005
Jolicoeur B001
Jolin N001
Jones A005
Jones C009
Jones D003
Jones F003
Jones S016
Jordan C009
Judge P004
Judson P003
Julien M006
Juntten H002
Katzenberger W009
Keeling A005
Keesler L001
Kehr K002
Keller K002
Kellington S012
Kendall A005
Kendrick C009
Kennedy B007
Kent C007
Kerr A005
Kerr P004
Kerstetter M008
Kester/Koester B002
Kieswetter A003
Kingsley B002
Kishoner D005
Kline A005
Kline S012
Kloppenburg S013
Knap F005
Knecht M008
Knudsdatter B010
Koehler B008
Kohm N004
Kopp H005
Kopp N004
Kostenbader M008
Koup/Kaup M008
Kraemer H002
Kramer K002
Kranz B012
Krazz H005
Krieg L003
Kronmuller H002
Kurtz Y001
Kyle F003
L'ecuyer M006
Labreque H012
Lacasse M006
Lafeiden H002
Lafferty S016
Lamb G003
Lambcke S016
Lambert B001
Lambertson H006
Lanclus B001
Lapan M006
Lapointe N001
LaPorte A005
Laprise dit Dagnea M006
Lattimore S005
Launder C007
Lautenschlager L001
Lawrence S007
Lay M001
Leach B002
Lean F003
LeBlanc N001
Lechner N002
Leis/Lais K002
Lemein dit Chausse M006
Lemioux B005
Lentz/Lenig M007
Letarte H012
Letourneau M006
Lewis A005
Logan M008
Long A005
Loomis P003
Lootman N001
Lovelace/Loveless O001
Loxley F003
Lusby G004
Lutz H002
Lutz R002
Mabile B001
MacDonough W004
Mack K002
MacKey M001
Maine M005
Mallory B002
Manks M007
Marshall L002
Marshall W003
Martin H005
Mary H012
Masse' B004
Matteson B007
Mauer C011
McCaslin L002
McCloy W009
McColl B002
McColley B002
McCollough D005
McCollum H006
McDonough W004
McFarland S012
McFarland S012
McGowan F003
McGrath K002
McIlree F003
McKay S005
McKinsey D005
McLaughlin M005
McManus P004
Meeker L001
Meland B010
Merz H002
Messenger P001
Metzler H002
Meyer B008
Meyer K002
Miliam C010
Miller A005
Miller B002
Miller C009
Miville B004
Moore M005
Moore M006
Moreton M007
Morgan L002
Morgan M007
Morin B005
Morin N003
Morris C009
Morris S016
Morton M007
Morton S005
Moser M008
Mount H006
Mueller W009
Muenz H002
Mullenix S016
Muller N004
Müller K002
Munsterman L003
Murry M005
Musgrove D003
Mutschler A003
Myer dit Maillet M006
Myers S012
Myers S012
Nadeau B004
Nadeau N001
Nason G004
Navarre M005
Needham P003
Nehm B003
Nelson R003
Nese/Nesseth B010
Neumeyer B008
Neuschafer S015
Newberry M001
Newell B007
Newton S016
Nickey S012
Nickey S012
Nilsson S015
Nordyke N003
Norton B005
Norton P003
O'Brien K002
O'Donell H012
O'Donnell K002
Oakland B010
Ogburn S007
Ogle A005
Olcott P003
Oliver S016
Orth S013
Orton P003
Ortseifen H002
Othick Y001
Otto S015
Ouellet B004
Ouimet C006
Owens R003
Packer B007
Packer M001
Padelford B002
Palmer C010
Pannenton H012
Paquet B004
Parker B002
Parry M007
Paulopoulos N003
Payne O001
Pearsall S011
Pepin B001
Perkins R002
Perry B002
Perry C007
Peters S016
Pfau H002
Pflaum H002
Pfrang M008
Phelan G001
Phelps B007
Piper P001
Place F005
Plank C011
Plouf H012
Polhemus H006
Porter P003
Portzline M008
Post W005
Powers K002
Pragnell L001
Pratt P003
Pray B002
Preston B005
Printz P004
Proctor B007
Provost B004
Pryor S005
Pyles B003
Rahn B012
Raidel P001
Raisch W009
Rand W004
Randolph C009
Ranson A004
Rath W009
Rathgeber N004
Rau N001
Reaume N001
Reckenthaeler H002
Reed A005
Reed W005
Rees L002
Reeves C009
Rehm L003
Reichert W009
Reilly W009
Reilly Y001
Reimer H002
Rennard Y001
Reynolds B002
Reynolds L001
Rice B002
Rice C011
Richard(s) M003
Richter M003
Richter M008
Ridant N001
Rigby Y001
Ritzman P001
Robert C006
Robert N001
Roberts G001
Roberts P003
Robertson C009
Robey C010
Robidoux B001
Robinson M006
Rohnann B009
Roll S007
Roney L001
Roome P004
Roop H006
Rose R003
Rosencranz H006
Rosenkrans W005
Rostron M007
Roth W009
Rothenbecker H012
Rouleau B001
Rouleau N003
Rowan L002
Rowland L001
Roy B005
Roy C006
Rummel M003
Rupert R003
Rush A005
Rysstad B010
Salouer/Salois B001
Salvas B001
Sancrainte N001
Sanford S005
Santee M007
Savage S012
Schafer S016
Schaible W009
Schanpen H002
Scheinert B008
Schenkel A003
Schenkel H002
Schlosser N002
Schmidt H002
Schmidt S013
Schmidt W009
Schneider H002
Schoenholtz C011
Schofield Y001
Schonfeld N004
Schoppe N004
Schuebel W009
Schuler S013
Schultz H002
Schwarz H002
Schwarzmaier H002
Schweiken A003
Secor C007
Seelig L001
Seger N001
Seidel H002
Seitz S012
Seitz S012
Semmons C010
Senffter N004
Severson B010
Sharpe S005
Sharples G001
Sheets S007
Sheldington P004
Sheldon F005
Sherriff F003
Sherwood L001
Shonkwiler A005
Shultz A005
Siebke W004
Simmons C010
Simmons W004
Simons M001
Simpson L001
Sloan C011
Slottje S011
Sly C011
Smith B002
Smith C009
Smith D005
Smith M001
Smith S007
Snyder S016
Sodemann B009
Solo N001
Sonneborn S013
Sonntag N004
Soper M001
Sordelier N001
Soucy B004
Soules A001
Spath L003
Spencer L004
Sperry M001
Spinger K002
Spray D005
Sprecher H002
Squires L002
Stalberg S015
Stamper R003
Starnes A005
Starr C007
Staudacher L003
Steeley M008
Steffen M008
Stehr L003
Steinbach H002
Stiles R002
Stöckle K002
Stoerzbach H002
Stone S012
Stout S012
Straub M008
Streator P001
Streck N001
Strobel H002
Stubbe S013
Stubing H005
Stull M007
Sturm S013
St. Amand B004
St. Amant B004
St. Clair D005
St. Pierre B004
Suffell M008
Sullivan S007
Sullivan S016
Sumner P003
Swain S005
Swartz M008
Swearingen A005
Sweet H012
Sweet P001
Symonds M001
Tanguay B001
Taylor S012
Taylor S012
Taylor S016
Temple B011
Ten Eck H006
Tessier N001
The'roux B001
Theurer W009
Thomas C010
Thomas M007
Thomas S016
Thompson C011
Tidball L002
Tillbault B005
Tillotson B007
Tom A001
Toolah H012
Toulouse M006
Tourgeon M006
Trader S016
Travis B002
Treat P003
Trichel B012
Turner L004
Tussey C010
Tuttle L001
Unz L003
Vader B007
Valentin H012
Vallee B005
Valsvik/Walsvik B010
Van Inwegen W005
Van Pelt H006
Van Wasehnova N001
Vanderstern N001
Vanocken B002
Vietor A003
Vogt B009
Von Hofen L003
Vornholt S015
Waldron G001
Waldschmidt H002
Waldstetter L003
Walk A005
Walker A005
Walker W003
Wall A004
Walter L003
Walters B002
Walther K002
Waltrip A004
Walz W009
Warbuck S011
Ward C011
Ward D003
Ward P003
Washburn M001
Weber A003
Weber H002
Weeks A005
Weigand N002
Weis H012
Weiss/Weick L003
Welcker W009
Wentz A001
Wenz A001
West A005
Weyer B002
Wharton C009
Wheeler S012
Wheeler S012
Wheeling W005
White A001
White L004
White M001
White O001
Whitehead K002
Whitlock L001
Whitten B007
Wickware B002
Wier/Wire B002
Wiessman H002
Wildman A005
Wilke H002
Will S013
Williams O001
Williams P003
Williamson O001
Winters A005
Wismann S015
Wolff A001
Wood L001
Wood L004
Wooden L001
Woolfrey C006
Workman S012
Workman S012
Wriska M006
York A001
Youmans C007
Youmans S016
Zapht G004
Ziegler M007
Ziegler S013
Ziflen W009
Zimmerman H002
Zuckar W009