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Yvonne O. Bowers (6ggdaughter)
Hello and welcome to web site of Robert MOFFITT and Margaret STUART.

This is a WORK-IN-PROGESS for the members of the MOFFITT (et al) Family Mailing Lists.

The purpose of this family file is to provide leads and possible connections. You should consider all sources unverified and pursue documentation for information that pertains to your genealogy.

Note: Privacy Filtering HAS been used. If you find your name on this site and want it removed, please email me immediately.

For ease of searching, all MOFFITTS are spelled with “ITT” however some branches of the family spelled their name MOFFIT, MOFFETT, etc.

“Person Sheets” are available for all individuals including photos if available. Simply click on the person’s name. If you see a “camera” next to a person’s name - click for photo. For sample: locate John T. MOFFITT.

Your comments and most welcome! Please email me.

Thanks and happy hunting!

Updated 26 Jan. 2009