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Descendants of

  • Nordhausen, DEU
  • Baltimore,MD - Circa 1820's-1860's
  • St.Louis,MO - Circa 1860's-1896

  • AUGUSTUS KÜHNE/KUEHNE/KEEHNE b. 28 May 1813, Nordhausen, Germany; m. 16 May 1839,in Baltimore, MD, SOPHIA CAROLINE KAYLOR b. 14 Feb 1817, in Baltimore, MD, daughter of George Kaylor and Margaret Unknown Surname; Augustus d. 25 Dec 1882, in St. Louis, MO; Sophia d. 11 Jul 1896, in St. Louis, MO.

    • MARGARET ANN KÜHNE b. 23 Mar 1840, in Baltimore, MD; d. 16 Dec 1840, in Baltimore.

    • MARY LOUISA KÜHNE b. 15 Nov 1841, in Baltimore, MD; d. 11 Feb 1850, in Baltimore.

    • CHARLES FERDINAND KUEHNE/KEEHNE b. 27 Nov 1843, in Baltimore; m. 13 Feb 1869, in Baltimore, MARY ANN CARY/CAREY/KEAREY b. 06 Mar 1852, in Baltimore, daughter of Thomas J. Carey & Margaret Ann Kerner; Charles d. 05 May 1926, in Monett, MO; Mary Ann d. 12 May 1939, in St. Louis, MO.

      • LOTTIE ESTELLE KEEHNE b. 27 Aug 1871, in St. Louis, MO; m. 15 Oct 1892, WILLIAM LESTER, b. 06 Dec 1866; Lottie died 17 Dec 1970, in Monett, MO; William died 29 Sep 1934, in Monett.
        • CORA LOTTIE LESTER m. Fred Gibbons

      • CHARLES THOMAS KEEHNE b. 22 Aug 1873,in St. Louis, MO; m. 11 Jun 1900, NONA McGARY?; Charles d. 16 Oct 1961, Nona d. 26 Oct 1958.
        • ETHEL KEEHNE m. Marshall Tufts
        • GRACE KEEHNE
        • CHARLOTTE KEEHNE m. Arthur Briscoe
        • JUNE KEEHNE m. Christian Kenney

      • MARY CAROLINE KUHNE/KUEHNE b. 06 Mar 1876,in St. Louis, MO; d. 27 August 1877, St. Louis, MO. Buried in lot #2168 at Holy Ghost Cemetery. Her grandparents, Augustus and Sophia, were later buried in same lot.

      • WILLIAM HENRY "Will" KEEHNE b. 24 Mar 1879, in St. Louis, MO; m. 24 Jan 1905, MARY ROSE "MAE" DELWORTH, b. 11 Feb 1884, in St. Louis, daughter of Jeremiah Fitzgibbons Delworth and Rose McDonald; Will d. 26 Nov 1966, in Van Nuys, CA; Mae d. 07 May 1974, in Burbank, CA.
        • WILLIAM HENRY KEEHNE, JR. m. Elizabeth Adams
        • MARY ROSE "Cis" KEEHNE m. Edward Pfitzner
        • CHARLES KEEHNE m. Marcelle Birkenbach
        • JEREMIAH FITZGIBBONS KEEHNE m. Tommie Reynolds
        • JOHN KEEHNE m. Mollie Palmer; Trish Blackburn

      • SOPHIE KEEHNE b. 24 June 1880, in St. Louis; m. 20 Mar 1900, WILLIAM HUMES.
        • BILL HUMES

      • SADIE KEEHNE b. 16 Nov 1882, in St. Louis; m. 21 June 1905, JOSEPH HUMES; Sadie d. in 1972.
        • BUD HUMES
        • WALLY HUMES

      • ALTA MAY KEEHNE b. 16 September 1885, in St. Louis; m. 14 Dec 1910, CONNIE RUEGGE; Alta d. 27 Feb 1971.
        • EVELYN RUEGGE m. Herbert Jacobus

      • GRACE KEEHNE b. 13 Nov 1892, in St. Louis; m. EDWARD DEMOULIN.
        • GRACE DE MOULIN m. John Knierim; Jerry Lamb
        • ALTA DE MOULIN m. Dennis _____ ; Carl Sibley

    • WILLIAM HENRY KUEHNE/KEEHNE b. 18 Jan 1845, in Baltimore, MD; d. 08 Feb 1850, in Baltimore.

    • MELVEN AUGUSTUS KUEHNE/KEEHNE b. 10 Feb 1848, in Baltimore, MD; d. 10 Aug 1879, in St. Louis, MO.

    • SOPHIA CAROLINE KUEHNE/KEEHNE b. 09 Mar 1850, in Baltimore, MD; d. 07 Jan 1863, in Baltimore.

    • AMELIA KUEHNE/KEEHNE b. 17 Mar 1853, in Baltimore, MD; d. 30 Aug 1854, in Baltimore.

    • HENRIETTA KUEHNE/KEEHNE b. 23 Oct 1855, in Baltimore, MD; m. 30 Jan 1879, JOHN W. HALLAM; Henrietta d. 1947, in Alton, IL.

    • LAURA KUEHNE/KEEHNE b. 05 Oct 1858, in Baltimore, MD; m. 21 Jul 1878, in St. Louis, MO, GEORGE THOMAS CAREY/KEAREY, b. 21 Jan 1854 in Baltimore, son of Thomas J. Carey & Margaret Ann Kerner; Laura d. 26 Oct 1947, in St.Louis; George d. 1933.

      • GEORGE KEAREY b. 27 Oct 1879.
      • ARTHUR ERNEST KEAREY b. 7 Oct 1881; d. 17 Nov 1883.
      • ARTHUR KEAREY b. 3 Oct 1883.
      • LAURENCE KEAREY b. 23 Jan 1886; d. 9 April 1924.
      • EDWARD KEAREY b. 11 Aug 1888; m. MARGARET FLOOD; Edward d. 27 May 1959.
        • EDWARD KEAREY m. Wilma Ifland

      • CHARLES MELVIN KEAREY b. 11 Nov 1890; Charles d. 24 Nov 1981 in Fredricktown, MO.
      • WILLIAM HENRY KEAREY b. 15 Jan 1893.
      • LAURA KEAREY b. 1 Feb 1895 in St. Louis; m. 21 Oct 1914, JAMES MEEKER; Laura d. 10 April 1979 in St. Louis.
        • RUTH MEEKER m. William Loving

      • ELLANORA KEAREY b. 30 Jan 1898; d. 7 April 1900.
      • WALTER KEAREY b. 25 Nov 1900; d. 30 Nov 1900.

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  • Keehne was originally spelled Kühne, with an umlaut (two dots) over the "u". Our family branch pronouces "Keehne" as "keen", with the final "e" silent. In German it was more closely pronounced: "kuur-nuh", thus there may be some relatives who have adopted the spelling "Keehner" or "Kuhner". Some may have retained the "u" without the umlaut, spelling the name "Kuhne" or "Kuehne". There is also the possibility that there was no final "e" on the original spelling. However, all records that I have seen have included the "e". St. Louis City Directories predating 1900 use the Kuehne and Keehne spellings interchangeably.

  • The family bible lists Augustus as "Native of Northousen". Others are also listed from Nordhausen. Five locales appear with this name Nordhausens in Germany:
    • Nordhausen Kreis Heilbronn
    • Nordhausen Kreis Aalen
    • Nordhausen Kreis Wittlage
    • Nordhausen Bezirk Erfurt (Zip Code=99734)
    • Nordhausen Kreis Koenigsberg

    According to Margaret Schaeffner, an onliner who helped me locate the various Nordhausens, "Kreis" is a small area, similar to a township. "Bezirk" is a larger area. A letter dated from the 1970's lists the following address for the Nordhausen Archives:
    4514 Ostercappeln 1
    Nordhausen, West Germany 49179

    It is our understanding that the area would have been part of Prussia at the time Augustus was born.

  • Holy Ghost Cemetery was located at one time near the intersection of Gravois and Wyoming, the current site of Roosevelt High School. The cemetery was closed around 1917, and the remains moved to several cemeteries. Unfortunately the records for the removals are spotty at best. Sophia and Augustus were buried in lot #2168. Cemetery records at Eden Archives show that the owner of this lot was Friedrich A. Kuehne, a name with which we were not familiar. The infant daughter of Charles and Mary Ann Kuehne/Keehne was buried in this same lot in 1877.

  • Others possibly related to Augustus (brothers or cousins?):

    • Charles Ludwig Kühne/Kuehne - His death (6 Oct 1880) is recorded in the Keehne family bible; he is listed as a "Native of Northousen". I found Charles' death recorded in the St. Louis Death Register. According to the record Charles was 74 years old, single, and his place of death was 2915 Broadway. An estimated birth year of 1806 would make him seven years older than Augustus, a reasonable age to be brothers. The Death Register indicates he was buried at Holy Ghost Cemetery, but I was unable to find any cemetery record of this. The 1874 city directory lists a Charles L. Kuehne boarding at 2220 Broadway, the same address as Augustus.

    • Eduard Kühne - His name is engraved on a beer stein with the date 12 Dec 1854.

    • John Keehne - Listed on the 1850 City of Baltimore census as living with Augustus and Sophia. Census indicates that John was 28, a baker, born in Germany.

    • Godfred/Gottfried Keehne - Appears in multiple city directories between 1873 and 1888, listed as second hand sales or clothing, located at 1704 Broadway and other times located at 1706 N. Broadway. Unlike Augustus, Gottfried's surname seems to be consistently spelled "Keehne".

    • Friedrich/Frederick A. Kuehne - Found listed as owner of lot #2168 at Holy Ghost Cemetery. Interments for this lot include Mary Kuhne (daughter of Charles and Mary Ann Kuehne/Keehne), Augustus Kuehne/Keehne, and Sophia Kaylor Kuehne/Keehne. There is a Friedrich A. Keehne listed in the 1868 city directory as a baker, living at 817 Montgomery, the same address entry as for Melvin A. Keehne, the son of Augustus. Augustus and his son, Charles F., were also bakers.

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